Call for Writing Submissions

December 18, 2008

I’m involved in this upcoming literary website featuring creative non-fiction stories.

Write a story about your name. (And by story, we mean story. Please don’t submit a ‘baby names’ definition or a genealogy unless it adds to your story.)
Submissions can be essays, poetry, or short stories but must be no more than 500 words.

Email work to:

Include your name, email, website, phone number, city and state.

The email and website address listed should be the ones you would like to appear linked to your story should we choose to publish your submission. If you do not want your email or web address linked to your story, please tell us so.

Submissions may be subject to edits.

To be considered for the launching of the site (Winter/Spring ‘09), please submit by January 15, 2009. Submissions received after the 15th will be read for subsequent issues/posts.

No monetary compensation but if this ever takes print form, selected authors will be the first to know and to receive “something”. Seriously, it could happen. Even with the economy falling apart.

We read every submission and will do our best to respond to you within two weeks of receipt.



October 27, 2008

I bought my first wig yesterday. Nothing like I expected for my first, but fun nonetheless. And appropriate for the season. I’m going as bride of Frankenstein for Halloween. And I’ll be looking for my husband. 😉

Do you ever

October 21, 2008

just feel like you suck?

Gym + TV

October 16, 2008

I used to think this was disgusting. I mean TV is about being sloth-like and mind-numbing. But last night I worked that treadmill for an extra 30-40 minutes because I was so caught up in flipping between Project Runway and the presidential debates.

I guess we all want to see who the winner is.

And then there was no light

September 29, 2008

I was dreaming about defrosting something from the freezer, of all places. Then I was dreaming I went into a building and all of a sudden there was a blackout. No one knew what to do. I ran into a guy I dated. Then I woke up.

Later I realized my new nifty light-alarm clock turned off. This was the cause of the blackout.

Last Night

September 28, 2008

I dreamed I was flossing my teeth.

Helpful Advice

September 26, 2008

Me: Teacher, one of the students called my narrator(me) spoiled, arrogant, insensitive and whiny.


Teacher: You should have slapped her across the face. Then said, And violent.



September 25, 2008

Last night I dreamed I made a margarita with tequila and rose wine.


September 23, 2008

Last night I dreamed I had a stuffy nose.

Married? Yes, married.

August 29, 2008

This marriage thing has really got me thinking – about the in-laws. I had a realization the other day that the fiance’s new baby nephew will actually be my nephew soon. That our marriage also means the joining of our families. This may sounds obvious but it was weird to think about.

Then there was the conversation with the soon-to-be-father-in-law. We were talking about our wedding plans partly in hopes that he’d offer some financial help. He was saying how expensive his daughter’s wedding was. Then he turned to me, laughed and said, Your parents have to pay for this one.

Ha ha ha. It was like I’d been slapped. It took me a minute to decide whether or not to remind him my father’s dead. I chose not to. Instead I turned to my hubby-to-be and said, Maybe we should elope. The one thing I knew his father doesn’t want to happen. Then forty minutes -yes i was clocking myself – I came up with a more appropriate response. If I could relive the moment it would go like this…

Then he turned to me, laughed and said, Your parents have to pay for this one.

I replied, Yes, and I’m a virgin and your son will be financially supporting me for the rest of my life.

We’ve decided on a potluck. I will not ask for any money from the in-laws.